Year Six

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Term 1

Grade 6 Information


Camp/Water Safety Program

This term, some Year 5 and all Year 6 students will have completed DOXA City Camp in February and the Water Safety Program at Mornington beach in March .

Students attend three specialist lessons per week. These are; Science, Physical Education and Performing Arts.


Students have been working on building their comprehension skills to ensure they understand what they are reading. This term they will continue to work on developing CAFE reading strategies and routines.

During our Big Write sessions, students have been using graphic organisers to brainstorm their ideas before writing their stories. Students will continue to use these throughout this term. Students are writing explanations and poetry.

Students have been using microphones in the classroom to support oral language development, listening skills and fluency. This term our focus is to engage others when speaking.

Unit of Work

The topic this term is History.


Students have been learning to use Mathematics confidently and build on what they already know. Point of Need groups will focus upon two areas of Maths: Fractions & Decimals and BODMAS & Algebra

This term students will be working on setting goals and assessing themselves as they work towards achieving them.

Point of need allows the classroom teacher to identify the learning needs of individual students, including high achieving students.

Students are monitored in small groups and classroom activities are tailored to their needs.

Interschool Sport

Last term students played one of the following sports against local schools. Tee ball, Footy or Netball.