Maths @ APS

Maths teaching and learning has changed a little since you might have been at school.

Our approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics is built on research and evidence. What this has taught us is that within our primary school, our daily Maths lessons must be real, connected to students’ lives, hands on and visual.

We have to be able to feel, see, and experience maths to help us get a strong foundation as mathematicians.

We get our students talking about, and practising strategies and skills. Making mistakes is a part of this process and we use these to build up our resilience, knowledge, and belief.

With a strong foundation and belief that we can ‘do‘ Maths, we are setting our students up for success now and in the future.

Point of Need Learning & Teaching

Across our whole school our teaching teams work together to identify whole class, small group, and individual points of need for students learning.

Students work and learn in small, targeted groups with teachers to deepen their skills and understanding. Through units of learning, teachers track and monitor progress, and celebrate students’ growth – which is often the best part!

Teachers continually work in professional learning teams to deepen their skills and knowledge so that we all can use the best strategies to make the biggest impact on our students’ learning and confidence.

Want to see our hands on, engaging, and personalised maths in action?