Year Two

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Term 1

Grade 2 Information






Every week students are taught a new spelling concept as part of the Multi-sensory Structured Language (MSL) program. Through these lessons, students learn strategies and rules to assist them with their reading and writing of unknown words.

Our key focus for the term is on common spellings for long vowel sounds (for example ‘ay’, ‘ai’, ‘ow’ and ‘oa’). We will also continue to look at some of the common silent letters (such as k and b).


Aldercourt Primary School runs a fantastic program called Community and Life Skills (CALS). Each week, Grade 2 students are split into groups with Leap-Into-Learning, Preps and Grade 1s, and have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities, developing a variety of skills.


So far this year, Year 2 has enjoyed exploring information, persuasive and narrative texts and the CAFE Reading Program. In term 4, the grade 2 students will continue building upon their knowledge of these text types whilst developing deeper understanding on how we can improve our writing through individual goals.

Students will also continue to develop their reading skills through regular reading group activities including shared reading, small group work, the online program ’Teach Your Monster to Read’ and CARS and STARS. We are learning to read and to write Explanation Texts and Poetry this term.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs a speech therapist, Craig who is currently screening all Aldercourt students.


This term, Grade 2 will continue to develop their language skills through Japanese lessons. One of our focuses this term is on the Hiragana alphabet and how we use it to write and read Japanese words.

Peer Support

Students from Year 5 & 6 visited Year 2 and ran the Peer Support Program which aims to enhance social and emotional skills.

At School

This term Grade 2 participated in the Sleepover! This included eating dinner, playing games and sleeping over the night at school. It was good practice before their first camp next year in Grade 3!


Students visit the library every week. They are able to borrow a book to take home, but need to ensure they return them in order to borrow another one.


This term, in mathematics, students will be exploring a range of concepts including chance and probability, measurement, addition and subtraction and begin to develop an understanding of the processes of multiplication. Point of Need Mathematics will focus upon Multiplication skills.

Students will also be working independently through a variety of activities each week to work towards achieving their own unique numeracy goals. This will help them to work on an any areas they may need to improve upon in preparation for grade 3.

Esmart & Digital Technologies

The Digital Technologies curriculum enables students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions through the application of information systems and specific ways of thinking about problem solving. This term students will continue learning about internet safety and their digital foot print.


Grade 2 Students receive new homework each Thursday (due the following Thursday). The homework is always a reflection on concepts they are learning in the classroom (never anything new) and a great way to start conversations with family and friends about the different topics we are studying.

Topic: Media Arts

This term our classroom focus is on Media Arts. Students and staff have brought recyclable objects to class…TB finished shortly


This term, Grade 2 will participate in Performing Arts, Physical Education (PE) and Science. Science and Performing Arts are and PE is on