Year One

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Term 4

Grade 1 Information


Bounce Back

Through the Bounce Back framework and fortnightly peer support sessions run by senior students, the Grade 1s will continue learning about resilience, how to express emotions and how to deal with disappointment and setbacks.

Students will also be actively encouraged to treat their classmates with care and respect through the use of the ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’ concept.


Students attend three specialist lessons per week. These are; Physical Education, Science and Performing Arts.

Performing Arts is on Wednesday. Science and Physical Education are on Thursday.


This term students will consolidate their use of reading and comprehension strategies taught throughout the year. Students are consolidating their understanding of the CAFE reading approach and will also focus upon the author’s purpose and inferring meaning beyond what is written in the text.

In writing, students will review a range of different text types, with a strong focus on narratives. Active use of the VCOP methodology will support students in this area.

Students are also engaged in a Multi-Sensory Structured Language approach to support reading and spelling.

Oral Language

Aldercourt Primary School employs a speech therapist. He is currently screening all Aldercourt students.


We are lucky to have a volunteer from Monash University help to teach the students Japanese once a week. This term we will review numbers to ten and forms of greeting.


Students visit the library once a week. They are able to borrow a book to take home.


Term 4 will see students further developing their understanding of numbers to 100. This forms the foundation of numeracy and enables students to experience greater success in skills such as addition and subtraction. Students will also begin exploring fractions and the concept of sharing a set of objects equally. Point of Need Mathematics will focus upon Sharing/Divison

Students will also be engaged in collecting data through the use of questioning and surveys, followed by displaying this in graphs.

In Measurement, students will compare the capacity of different containers through hands-on activities, in addition to reviewing their knowledge of measuring length and mass.

 Digital Technologies

This term, students will continue learning how to navigate the online world safely, including creating secure passwords and steps to take if they encounter inappropriate material.

As part of the Digital Technologies curriculum, students will continue developing their skills in following and designing sequences of steps and instructions to solve provided problems through the use of various coding programs.

They will also begin experimenting with displaying information in programs such as PowerPoint.


Year 1 students are focusing upon Media Arts this term.